The photography has not done this justice, and I will have to go and take some more photos.  It is 15’ x 15’ and is housed in Eastbury Manor, a National Trust property.  I designed this piece and a foremost quilter, Nicola Bonner worked on the piece which was done in 5 separate pieces; then sewn together to go over a large inglenook fireplace.  It was a joint venture and was completed in approximately 7 months.


The highlight came when we were presented to HM Queen Elizabeth at Eastbury Manor.  As we had started the “Tudor Movement” some 15 years ago, the then manager, Cherry Buckley felt that we were “worthy”.  She was very nice said some very encouraging things about what we were doing. 

It was unfortunate that I couldn’t curtsey, as my knees were playing up, but the day was very enjoyable.