About Me

As an artist and designer, my path has led me down many alleyways, nooks and crannies!

Currently my present nook and cranny is studying for my Degree in Art & Design.  Well, I thought it was about time I did something significant in my life, by getting an “ology”!

Since starting at UCCA, I have expanded my horizons, designing and making jewellery, making molds for masks, making sculptural pieces (which I really find very satisfying), illustrating book covers (recently published), photography and contemporary fine art paintings.

Samples of my work over the past 4 years and a couple of past major pieces can be seen in my album pages. 

The highlight of my life was when I was presented to the Queen on her Jubilee Tour.

Artist & Designer

Name: Penelope Purchase   

Age: well over 60

Uni: UCA (used to be KIAD) Rochester, Kent

Who am I?:  I am a Sensorium Artist

Lived in New Zealand for a year

Lived in and around India for about 10 years

Currently resident in the UK

Schools and Colleges: Southampton

Hobbies:  Shooting, Spinning, Designing anything

Bookbinding, swimming

Love animals